Editorial skills

Words Infinity provides professional editing, proofreading, and translation services to publishers, corporate clients, individuals, and other clients in the private sector.

Areas of expertise
  • Trade magazines;
  • Corporate communications, such as proposals, reports, newsletters, infographics, and coffee-table books;
  • Business books;
  • Training guides; and
  • Other general documents.
Style guides

We tailor our editing style to suit the purpose. In the absence of a house style, we are guided by our trusted style guides and reference works, which include:

  • New Oxford Style Manual
  • New Hart’s Rules
  • Oxford Guide to Plain English
  • Oxford English Dictionary
  • New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors
  • Fowler’s Dictionary of Modern English Usage
  • Butcher’s Copy-editing
  • Handwoordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal (HAT)
  • Afrikaanse Woordelys & Spelreëls
  • Pharos Afrikaans–English / English–Afrikaans Dictionary.
Editing software

Words Infinity is adept at editing in the following software programs:

  • MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel)
  • Adobe InDesign CC.

Our services


Words Infinity is quality orientated — through our proofreading service, we strive to uphold this pledge. We look for consistency in usage and presentation, as well as accuracy in text, images, and layout — essentially performing a quality check before publication. We correct grammatical and spelling errors, along with checking the design elements of proofs: headlines, slugs, blurbs, subheads, pull-quotes, captions, credits, formatting, page numbering, and table of contents. Depending on your preferred medium, proofs are read and marked either in hard copy using proofreading symbols, or on screen as a PDF markup. We cannot accept responsibility for the author, subeditor, or copy editor’s work if we did not provide the service. Please chat to us, though, should you wish to include this service.

light_copy_editingSubediting / copy editing / quality assurance

Based on years of accumulated knowledge and by applying sound judgement, we ensure the suitable use of language and the avoidance of inconsistencies and contradictions, along with making appropriate decisions regarding the quality and accuracy of copy. In addition to executing the necessary interventions in spelling, capitalisation, hyphenation, punctuation, and the treatment of special elements (lists, captions, tables, graphs, and the like), we correct grammatical errors; impose simple revisions for clarity; and call attention to biased or libellous language.

copy editingSubstantive subediting / copy editing

The subediting / copy-editing service can be extended to include elements of substantive editing, where we edit your material for global issues to improve the flow of text. This entails correcting stylistic problems such as sentence or paragraph length; eliminating wordiness; and highlighting internal discrepancies or gaps in logic. We can do limited rewriting for clarity, except for scholarly works where we believe in preserving the integrity of a student’s work.

substantive_copy_editingTranslation between English and Afrikaans

Bilingualism in English and Afrikaans enables us to convert written text between these two languages.

We will query factual statements that we know are incorrect, but we do not accept responsibility for factual accuracy.

We are flexible to adapt the composition of our services to suit our clients’ needs, but we will never compromise on our meticulousness and professionalism.